(2003) Asylum Speakers

 01 Intro
02 Stabilize-Feat. Kashmere, Metropolls, Graziello
03 Glacial-Feat. Dr. Syntax
04 Where Did The Sun Go-Feat. Onik, Tommy Evans
05 Flowin-Feat. MRX, Carnage
06 Interlude-Feat. Metropolis, Grim Finsta, Anik
07 One-Take
08 Gimme Dat-Feat. Tommy Evans
09. Wrong Move
10 Eurrr .... Oh
11 What Goes Up-Feat. Dr. Syntax
12 Hold On-Feat. DVS, Skinnyman
13 Whose Next-Feat. Wayne Wonda, Tou Rai
14 Frosted Perspeks-Feat. Lena
15 Coded Rhythm Talk-Feat. Farma G, Chester P
16 Blue Gardenias
17 Mind Out-Feat. Skrein
18 Prime Source-Feat. Robin Goods
19 Getaway-Feat. Pye, Supar Novar, Nassah, Highbreed
20 A Day In The Life Of...
21 The Bath Spitzvah-Rabbi Shlomo


(2006) Bukkake Ski Trip

01 Intro
02 Music we a mek ft SK
03 Revolution
04 Cold breeze
05 Cryin' shame ft Syntax
06 Million skill march ft Wildchild
07 Dark parts
08 One chance
09 Snatchin' the mic reprise ft Skrein
10 Telepathic flow ft Sparo, Kashmere, Anik & Syntax
11 Parallelogramz ft Ravi Ahakti
12 Crypt drawl ft Anik
13 Travellers ft Syntax
14 Beatflow freakshow
15 Astroscience ft Sparo
16 Evil dr hip hop ft Dark circle
17 Thought y'all knew
18 Bollocks ft Vex'd Dubbledge


(2006) Stray Point Agenda

01 Intro
02 Reelfire
03 Slo-speed
04 In it for a minute (feat. graziella)
05 Clockwork (skit)
06 Confessions of a (feat. graziella)
07 To be a memory (feat. dudley perkins)
08 Black hole prophecies (feat. dj vadim)
09 On a winters day (feat. ravi shakti)
10 Interlude
11 Backdraft
12 Slow broiled ilk (feat. oh no)
13 Hot plate (feat. dubbledge)
14 Shlonames piece
15 Let go (feat. wildchild)
16 Reach out (feat. dr syntax)
17 Clouds (Skit)
18 The coming (feat. moschops dr syntax and skrein)


(2008) Asylum Agenda

01 Let Go (feat Wildchild)
02 Hold On (feat_dvs_and_skinnyman)
03 Flowin (feat Mrx & Carnage)
04 Where Did The Sun Go (feat Anik & Tommy)
05 Black Hole Prophecies (feat Dj Vadim)
06 In It For a Minute (feat Graziella)
07 Colder Days (feat Tote King)
08 2nd Hand Contraband (feat Griffi & Aqeel)
09 Hit That Gash (feat Disiz La Peste Grems Aka Supermicro)
10 Slow Broiled Ilk (feat Oh No)
11 Bollocks (feat Dubbledge And Vex-D)
12 Reach Out (feat Dr. Syntax)
13 Astroscience (feat Dj Sparo)
14 What Goes On (feat Dr. Syntax)
15 Soul Searching (feat Ajla)


(2009) United Colours of Beggattron

01 Intro
02 Higher
03 Keep It Comin (feat. Jehst, Kyza & Dr Syntax)
04 Break Free
05 Don’t Dwoo It (feat. King Knut)
06 Hereford Hospital (Skit)
07 Seven Figure Swagger (feat. Dubbledge, Badness & Rednaz)
08 Contact (feat. Noisia)
09 Shake It (feat. Noisia)
10 Get A Bit More
11 Corridors (Skit)
12 Asylum Bound (feat. Ben Sharpa)
13 Big N Black (feat. Phat Kat)
14 Prove It (feat. Guilty Simpson)
15 Some Advice
16 No More (feat. Kashmere, Jehst & DJ 2Tall)
17 Keeping The Line Fat (feat. Graziella)
18 No Holds Barred (feat. Devlin, Noisia & DJ 2Tall)
19 Safedrian (Skit)


(2012) The Uprising

01 Amen (Original Mix)
02 Apex (Original Mix)
03 Crep Hype (Original Mix)
04 We Does This (Original Mix)
05 Minds Eye (Original Mix) (feat. Tommy Lee) 
06 Flying To Mars (Original Mix) (feat. Donae'O)
07 Anywhere (Original Mix) (feat. D.Ablo) 
08 Goon Bags (Original Mix)
09 Palm Of My Hand (Original Mix)
10 Working Angles (Original Mix)
11 Never Stop (Original Mix) (feat. Chrom3)
12 See The Light (Original Mix) (feat. Bare Noize)
13 Flying To Mars (12th Planet's Martian Trapstep Remix) (feat. Donae'O)
14 Goon Bags (UZ Remix)
15 Flying To Mars (Ruckspin & Medison Remix) (feat. Donae'O)





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